Welcome to CBSolutions!

At CBSolutions, we are dedicated to making your company more successful, profitable and effective by offering the highest quality business solutions such as direct search for high-caliber personnel (headhunting), corporate and individual professional coaching, and organizational consulting. We are here to contribute to the well-being of your business.

CBSolutions was founded in 2008 by professionals in organizational development with over 14 years of management experience. As of today, CBSolutions is a rapidly developing organization serving clients from a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, construction, pharmaceutical, financial services and audit, educational sector and others.

CBSolutions is investing in its constant intensive learning process, which allows being on the edge of innovation and modern business technologies.  Through hard work and commitment, CBSolutions is gaining trust and increasing confidence of its clients.   


Our Mission

To be a trusted long-term partner for our clients, increasing their effectiveness and profitability by enhancing their business processes and quality of their personnel.  


Our Vision 

To be a recognized leader in management consulting in the region.   


Our Values

The entire business of CBSolutions is built upon its core values. While being clear, simple and straightforward, our values determine all the decisions and actions taken by CBSolutions.

CBSolutions’ core values:

  1. Integrity. We do not compromise on honesty and fairness with which we treat our customers. Without any exceptions, we protect all information received from our customers in the process of our cooperation (view CBSolutions’ Ethics Statement). Mutual trust is critical in our business.
  2. Excellence. We strive to be the best at what we do. We put more emphasis on the quality and professionalism in our service than on expanding the number of our projects. We believe strongly in the constant process of learning, specializing, improving and becoming better every single day.
  3. Accountability. We strive to maintain the highest standard of responsibility, timeliness and punctuality in everything we do. We remain dedicated to putting every effort to save clients’ valuable time and energy while being accountable for the results expected of us.
  4. Mutual respect. Whether you are a CEO of an influential company or a recent university graduate looking for a job, we treat every person with great respect. We also value greatly the respect we receive back from our customers as they benefit from the time they spent with us.